Weekend Workouts

The weekends can always be a tricky time for me to get in workouts. Maybe I’ll have gone out the night before and not feel 100% the next day, or it’s freezing outside and I can’t bear the thought of running in the snow, or I’d rather just veg out and relax! Most of the time though, I think that I work better when I’m on a schedule, and the weekends are just a blank slate.

This morning however, after getting 10 glorious hours of sleep last night, I bounded out of the apt by 9 am and headed up to Central Park for a long, leisurely run.

The weather was perfect, and I had all the time in the world. Every time I get the chance to go up to Central Park, I forget how much I love it. You really feel like you aren’t in the city anymore.

I saw little league hockey games,

friendly tennis games

tons of runners, bikers, people gliding down hills on roller blades with ski poles preparing for the winter months,

couples taking romantic strolls

and just overall gorgeous scenery hiddin within the concrete jungle I live in

Some days I really do love living in NYC 🙂

Off for a relaxing day of studying, JETS football, and coffee dates with friends! Hope you have a great Sunday!



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