Healthy Travel Tip 2

So my apologies for the MIA act I did this week. The hotel I stayed in this week did not, I repeat, did not have Wireless internet. Excuse me? What did you just say? Is this not [almost] 2012?? Yes I was a bit rude when speaking to the front desk but come on now. I canot possibly waddle over to the hotel lobby, in my matching top and bottom snowman pajamas and fuzzy slippers. yikes.

Aaanyways, I was able to get a TON done this week and felt like it might be time for another super helpful travel tip that I’ve found has S.A.V.E.D. me on the road.

Find a gym.

Ladies and gents – hotel gyms are sad, pathetic little creatures that exist for short term trips and trying to get a mini sweat session in on vacation so you don’t feel too terrible about vegging for the few days/week  that you might be “getting away”. However, if you are traveling for an extensive amount of time, I’ve found that trying to motivate myself to get to the hotel gym which consists of one wobbly treadmill, a broken elliptical and 5 sets of 25 lb weights, it just ain’t happening.

I belong to NYSC in New York City, and honestly, this gym membership has been my savior in Philly because you can use the membership at it’s partner gyms! This includes Philadelphia Sports Club, Washington Sports Club and Boston Sports Club.

I strategically pick out my hotels so that they are near one of the philadelphia gyms and try to take morning spin classes or go to the gym on my way home from the client site. Not only are the facilities and equipment 100 times better than the hotels, but you can also start to build a community there. Having people to motivate you and to schedule gym meet ups is a definite help!

So join a gym that has an extensive membership / partnering capability, get active, and get social. And maybe your new gym friends will get you up and at’em so you can see a few more of these pretty views before 7 am.