In your face motivation

December is not typically the month that I don’t feel motivated to work out. Interestingly enough, December is when I want to get to work up a sweat and get my butt to the gym for a number of reasons:

1. As I said, I’ll work up a sweat and maybe get rid of the goosebumps I cronically have in the winter since I am aaalways cold. Even for just 10 minutes, feels so good. 

2. There are so many holidays parties and occassions to dress up I want to be sure that I keep my back and arms toned for those strapless dresses I’ll be wearing

3. Repeat. There are so many holiday parties and cookies galore and I want to be able to eat them. And enjoy them. 🙂

However, sometimes when it gets this cold out, I just want to curl up with a blanket and hot apple cider and watch The Holiday. On repeat. (Well twice this weekend suffices..)

Enter – in your face motivation.

This, is currently the background to my computer right now. The December Calendar from Each day is a different challenge to make sure you push yourself throughout the month.

Today – is to do the Tone It Up back workout which the two owners have posted a video off. I’m off to the gym tonight!

Hold me to it 😉

Do you have any motivational tricks you use this holiday season?

2 thoughts on “In your face motivation

  1. I am loving going to the gym now when most people aren’t. I have more space to do my exercises and for those that feel awkward doing new moves like me, it’s a good time to try them out while not a lot of people are watching 😉 Once January comes, everyone will be using their new years resolutions as motivation so I just figure why not get a head start!

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