Luv Wholefoods


Helloooo kale. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a biproduct of the lovely Whole Foods Market Devon. I love this place.

A delicious Kale Hemp Seed Salad + some absolutely awesome chiptle sweet potatoes made a perfect meal.

BTW – the Tone it Up workout calendar seriously motivated me today! I hit the gym for a quick 30 minute run which I got from Tina’s blog today. Followed by a kick butt back workout from Tone It Up.

  • Twist left holding 10 lb medicine ball, Twist right holding 10 lb medicine ball.
  • Hold 10-14 lb medicine ball above head and throw down to the ground. repeat 20 times.
  • Hold 8 lb medicine ball above head and bend at the waist. 10 on each side

Repeat exercises 5 times.


Currently have my back propped up on a pillow with heating pads, watching The New Girl. (how cute is nick!?!)

Do you watch The New Girl?? Have any other Tuesday night favs – Glee?


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    • I know what you mean! Sometimes I go to the salad bar and make sure to pick up only the items that are light I weight. Stay clear of cucumbers and cauliflower 😉

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