Makes me happy

Have you ever listed out all those little things that make you happy? Forget the big picture stuff like a healthy family and challenging, satisfying career. I’m talking about those little glimmers of joy that pop out during EVERY day. Yes I said it. EVERY DAY.

I love Christmas lights.

and massive team dinners with fun co-workers

And shrimp as big as my face. Look at those guys!

I watched this TEDx video today and couldn’t help but feel incredibly moved, connected, and joyful as I listened to Neil Pasricha talk about how easy it could be to remove the shadow from your day, week, year and focus on the little things that might bring you a little light in a potentially dark time.

If you get a chance definitely watch this video and tell me what you think!



Hatha yoga class at NYSC. So great and so different than my normal Vinyasa class at YTTP. I feel so much lighter and opened up after the Hatha class. Is it just the type of yoga, or the instructor? I’m not sure yet..I’ll have to do some more research.

I love lavender scented oil too apparently 🙂




2 thoughts on “Makes me happy

  1. I just watched this, what a way to start off my day, thank you! Probably shouldn’t have watched that at a Starbucks in public because I was tearing up, and laughed out loud at some parts but it was totally worth it! Everything is so true..I wonder if it’s too late to add his book ‘The Book of Awesome’ to my Christmas list lol

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