Holiday Dinner v2

4 days and counting.

No, my math is not off. This countdown is just until I get to go home and play with my dogs, and bake with my mom, and be on vacation!

4 days…

Alas, today is only Tuesday and I am currently on my way to philly, as per usual. But not to bore you with mundane travel details such as the cab driver who talked my ear off about healthcare reform in the 5 minute drive to Penn Station, or that I had to get ready in the complete dark because my visitor and D were sleeping soundly at 6 am. thank god I picked out matching shoes that’s all I gotta say πŸ˜‰

Today’s post is about this amazing dinner spot in the Lower East Side that I got to go to last night for D and my second Holiday Dinner extravaganza!!!! whooo!!

Okay so it’s not all circuses and ponies, but instead a really nice romantic dinner, at a restaurant we’ve been wanting to try just enjoying each other’s company. Perfect in my book for this time of year.

Last night we went to Freemans. Freemans is this realy inconspicuous area in the back of an alley in Bowery. That sounds a little sketch but it’s actually incredibly quaint.

It kind of has a local tavern feel, and the inside very cozy. The food, is simple American inspired food, but the restaurant as a whole supports local agricultural practices. Two thumbs up!

We both started with a cocktail – it is a holiday of course πŸ˜‰

French 75 (gin, champagne, lemon juice wtih a twist)

And then split a salad and homemade sausage to start:

Roasted beet & apple salad w. watercress and riseling vinaigrette

[No sausage picture since D devoured it πŸ˜‰ but it was a delicious House-made hunter sausage in beer braised cabbage, topped with a prune-stout mustard]

For the main, I opted for the trout a la carte. This was seriously unbelievable. They had stuffed it with lemon and thyme and then grilled to perfection. Seriously recommend this dish!

We both may or may not have shared another glass of wine with dinner as well. Again, it’s the holidays my friends. The time to relax and catch up and spend time or just be with the people that you love, and who make you feel good every day.

Dessert was topped off with a little trip to Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea for the typical slice of carrot cake. [Unreal ladies & gents. Unreal.] All in all, a great night.


Can I have holiday dinners like this all the time?! Sunday night dinners before the week begins? Half birthday dinners? pleeeeaseeee


What are some of your favorite restaurants or ways to celebrate the holidays?

6 thoughts on “Holiday Dinner v2

  1. I totally got the cozy vibe from the candlelight with no definitely captured it πŸ™‚
    For me, I love how Irish pubs decorate for Christmas around the holidays. They are usually dim in nature as it is, but the combo of a dark wooden bar and lighted garland all around is just so cozy. If you get real lucky they may even have a fireplace too. Any Irish pub with some good ol’ comfort food and a winter lager is one of my many favorite holiday outings. Add some snow fall while I’m watching it from inside – now I’m in heaven!

    • Had to do no flash..I feel imposing if a bright light keeps going off facing the food haha. Aaand totally agree that a bar with fireplace, Christmas lights and mistletoe would be a favorite this season. Scavenger hunt?

    • I completely recommend! It was delicious. I have heard their brunch is something to rave about as well – they just dont take reservations.

    • Italian food is always so tricky because I think I’m predisposed to favoring my Italian moms cooking! But I know what you mean πŸ˜‰

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