I promise that my new job occupation is not to become a restaurant critic. But I do secretly like it.

My team made impromtu dinner plans last night at Supper, a farm-to-table restaurant in Society Hill within Philadelphia. As I’m sure you know, I am a major fanatic of restaurants that support local farms and bring fresh picked ingredients to your dinner plate. How much better could it get?

Well Supper brought it to a whole new level and had a special “Daily Harvest” menu, which was made up of items that they had picked that day and brought to the kitchen to cook. Oh, and they had a hannukah menu last night. Major points 😉

We started with a home-made cheese plate, which came with jams and honeys. I ❤ goat cheese, for the record. Steered clear of other cheeses though, since it just really isn’t my favorite and I knew I’d have much more to choose from.

Like homemade pretzels and cheese puff pastries? Yaaa that happened.

I started with a house salad and hten opted for the sea scallops. I was pretty full already from the salad + so only ended up eating 2 of the scallops but they were de-licious! A Brown butter celery root puree and raisins made up the bottom.

 Okay maybe the wine had something to do with me being full too 🙂

But, as per usual, my second stomach didn’t let me down, and dessert was unbelievable. We split 3 desserts between 5 people and ordered the jelly donuts (off the hannukah menu), the chocolate ganache cake with caramel sauce, and…

…the apple pie. Officially, my favorite of the night. Hands down.



I woke up early this morning and hit up the Westin gym and did the following:

– 1 mile run

– Santa workout from TIU:

  • curtsy lunges (20)
  • toe touches w weights (20)
  • rows (20)
  • side leg lifts (10 – 20 each side)
  • plank to pike slides (20)
  • 50 walking lunges
  • (repeat whole thing a total of 4 times

– 1 mile run


Heading home right now on the Amtrak, while it currently smells like burning rubber? Help? And dreaming sweet dreams of this


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