Posted in January 2012

Mediterranean Burritos

I’m not entirely sure what I had for dinner tonight, but I know that it was delicious.  I went to Whole Foods (again) and instead of going straight for the salad bar, I opted for the pre-made food selection area. I know. Big moves. Hey, I gotta find some variety out here!!! I picked up … Continue reading

You Are Beautiful

  Wise words from the inside of a bar bathroom stall. You never know where you’ll find inspiration 🙂   What has inspired you today?!

Slim Pickins’ Bfast

Good day all!   This morning kicked off with a sweaty sweaty Insanity session of Pure Cardio. This is by far the hardest DVD as there is 15 minutes of non-stop butt kicking cardio moves, whereas the other videos seem to do 3 minutes of intensity, followed by 30 seconds of rest. Not today folks. … Continue reading


Somedays should just be simple. Nothing spectacular. Nothing dramatic. Nothing stressful. Just calm, productive, and happy. 🙂 Today was one of those days. The Insanity workout for today was Recovery – amazing. It was just the day to really stretch my body and focus on breathing. I got a ride to work with a co-worker … Continue reading