DIY Success

Does your family have traditions?

Mine does. And it typically ends in a battle for the sweetest $5 gift during White Elephant, finishing 5 crates of wine, or in the case of this year, a proposal. (!!) (Not me – calm down).

One of our traditions is a Secret Santa of sorts, where you are given an individual to buy for, with a limit of $25. There is no much that you can get for this kind of money these days, believe it or not! I’m sure my father is cringing at those words.

So instead of going the easy route and getting my individual a $25 gift card to iTunes and wrapping it in a big box to make it look more substantial, I tried the Do-It-Yourself route to save a little extra mulah! Disclaimer: I am not creative, but think I did an a-ok job for being a first timer.

First of all, all my ideas have been stolen from Pinterest. Yes, that lovely little site that I adore.

1. A dry erase board, made from a picture frame. Did you know you could write on a plain-old frame? I didn’t. But maybe I’m out of the loop. I purchased this from for ~$11 and got some fabric that was on sale at the Christmas tree shop for $2.50.

2. Chalkboard Wine Glasses.

Now the idea I first saw looked simple enough:

 But my loving boyfriend, as usual, decided to push me and offered up the idea of Stemless wine glasses. “J – they are just so much better!”

Well how could I argue with that.

So I set up to create a chalkboard rectangular shape on some stemless wine glasses that I purchased for $1.39 each at the Christmas Tree Shoppe.

And then taped this cutout rectangle onto the wine glass. Because the glasses are curved (duh), it didn’t really sit flush against the glass.

Next I used painting tape and taped all around the outside of the rectangle so that I would be able to spray paint only the open area. Note: Because I was using chalkboard spray paint, and only used tape on one side of the glass, a little bit of the spray got onto the backside.

I let this dry for about 30 minutes and then added an additional coat of paint. After letting the glasses dry for about 2 days, I washed them by hand with soap and water.

Being the airhead that I grew to be over this 2 week break, I forgot to take a photo of my finished product, however it turned out really great! A little bit like this,

 except mine actually had straighter lines, if you can believe it.

I really like using this chalkboard paint for a number of things, wine glasses, jars to hold spices/flours/teas/etc. I think I’m going to continue to use it.

Hopefully by next time I can be considered a professional.



HIIT: 30 minutes. 30 seconds sprint, 2 min jog.