Healthy Travel Tip #3

I am not a germaphobe.

But sometimes, when you are plane, train, and car hopping, staying healthy is a number 1 priority. Sneezing babies, dry recycled air, cramped elevators, dirty steering wheels. It’s gross.

Something that has come to be my trusted side kick while on the road:

Hand Sanitizer!

This kind I found yesterday has Shea Butter Beads in it so it smells like cocoa butter, which is so much better than that alcohol smell that they usually have. I feel like I could go through this whole bottle in a week.

Seriously, purchase this. Even if you’re just traveling from Subway C to Subway 1 in Times Square. You need this.



Couldn’t stop snacking today on almonds and brazil nuts – why do these have so many calories but don’t manage to fill me up?? Explanation pleeease. Thanks.

Went to dinner at White Dog in Wayne, PA again. It was delicious as usual but I tried to use some of my tips since I wasn’t that hungry, but with all of that food – how can you resist! Stuck to sipping on water (i.e. no wine) and opted for a garden salad with dressing on the side to start. I opted for the Sea Scallops as my main entree with curried cauliflower and no brown butter. I think this waiter hated me PS.


60 min elliptical while watching MOBBED. Amazing.