Second Thoughts..

Hey there,

So today marks day 2, the half way point, of my Organic Avenue cleanse. So far so good, besides one minor hiccup (more on that later).

Todays’ menu was completely different:

E3 Live Elixir: known to boost immune system, cleanse digestive system of foreign materials, and improve mood swings.

Coconut Water

Orange Juice: just made from pure organic oranges which can help cool the body to a proper temperature and hydrate among a plethora of other things.

Ginger Lemonade: Ginger has mor ethan 12 types of anti-oxidants!

Veggie Vibe made with beets, parsley, lemon, carrots, and a few other veggies which has big time fighting power against colon cancer

Another Green Loves Coco

And last a coconut mylk. **

And this is where my conundrum comes in. The coconut mylk in my opinion was disgusting. So bad I couldn’t drink it. When I went to go put the top back on I noticed this,

12/14?? As in December 14th? I assumed this was a mistake and they meant to put 1/14, but I still wasn’t going to drink it. I decided to drink the nut milk for tomorrow night and by tomorrow night I’ll be home instead of stuck in Philly.

12/13! Another one. I did Insanity tonight so I feel like I need some additional calories, but I’m a little nervous to drink these guys!! I’m pretty pissed to say the least – but figured I’d blog about it and document the photos so in case I die, the world will know exactly how…I plan on calling the company tomorrow (since customer service closes at 8 pm) and am crossing my fingers this is just a mistake…pleeeeease.

Currently lying in bed and waiting for the first sign of food juice poisoning.. :/

2 thoughts on “Second Thoughts..

    • called the company today and they said it was a mistake so all good! I have a major phobia of eating food past the expiration date so wasn’t about to take any chances hah

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