Driving along in my automobile…

…my baby [was not] beside me at the wheel.

I decided to drive out to Philly this week instead of take the train like I normally do, since I had all these bottles for the cleanse I started. Honestly, the drive was not bad at all – both ways!

I used to listen to the radio the whole way down and then on my way to work, but seriously can’t stand morning talk shows. Honestly I used to put Z100 morning show on as my alarm because nothing would get me out of bed faster than trying to turn off those talking heads. Since I also have about a 30-45 min drive from downtown Philadelphia to my client each day, I’ve opted for a new form of communication

That is 90.9, the NPR station in Philly. Every morning I can hear updates on traffic, weather, breaking news or updates from last night (such as updates from South Caroline right now re: election) or interesting side stories about a woman whose husband came back from the war, and how he is coping. All sorts of interesting news.

I find my brain is a bit quicker when I listen to NPR vs. Crank phone calls in the AM, if I do say so myself 😉

Driving back from Philly today was a bit more precarious ….

Can you read that? It says “Miles to E[mpty]… 0 mi” Literally it turned to zero as I pulled into the gas station. talk about a heart attack!! what would have happened if I had still been on the highway? When it says 0 miles, does it really mean 15? Like a tease to make sure you get to a gas station soon? Has this ever happened to you? Geez – I was scared hah

All in all, the day was pretty normal and excited to be back to solid foods tomorrow – woop woop!!


Cleanse Details:

Today started with a wheatgrass shot. Ughh – I truly was not feeling these am elixirs but hopefully they did the trick with my insides 😉

Another coconut water followed by a pure grapefruit juice. Grapefruit has an alkaline effect on your stomach which is super good for digestion. If any of you have read Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox, you would know all the benefits this have on creating freeing up energy within your body to do other things like repair skin, etc.

Followed by a turmeric Tonic, Green Loves Coco, Carrot Juice, and Cashew Nut Mylk.

I think chewing tomorrow is going to be very odd ..


HOpe you all have a great night!


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  1. Oh man. I would hate commute. We moved as close to our office as possible. Haha. At least you have NPR!! Always something to learn. Glad you’re back to the solid foods. I’d be scared of the wheatgrass shots!!

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