Something happened last night..

Something I normally don’t ever do. Not to say that it’s wrong, but I feel I need to confess.

Oh yeaa ladies and gents. That would be a Reese’s McFlurry (not pictured are M&M McFlurry and Oreo McFlurry carried by my two faithful teammates). Needless to say I downed this snack-sized little monster in a whopping 7.3 minutes. New record 🙂

I felt it was important to put this out into the wonderful world of the web to hold myself accountable. Let me re-iterate by saying that I do not think there is anything even remotely wrong with going to a fast food joint for a meal or a quick snack. I do however, despise these places for the marketing tricks they play on the praying public, which is why I don’t frequent them. Not to mention, I don’t think you could pay me enough $$ to eat their burgers, but that’s just me.

The fries are a different story. 🙂

So when I say I want to hold myself accountable, it has nothing to do with the fact that I want to jot down in my food journal that I consumed said 300 calories in 7.3 minutes and enjoyed every minute of it. It’s to make sure that I remember not to criticize or critique people for their choices in food. I sometimes catch myself saying something potentially condescending or annoying the more and more that I learn about food, nutrition, and the impact it can have on an individuals health.

“What in the world makes you think that Cosi tomato basil soup is good for you??”

“That brussel sprout side dish you just ordered prob has a good half stick of butter in it, but enjoy”

These are a massive exageration, but it’s still something that I need to remember because everyone enjoys different foods and prioritizes certain aspects of their lives. Eating organic vegetables just might not be their cup o’ tea.

Wheew – I got all that from an 8 pm drive by stop at McDonalds. Most people just go for the salt, but I manage to make it a time of reflection and apparently mistake the double arches for church steeples. Sigh.



This week has been super hectic with some additional studying/research I ended up having to do for work so I haven’t posted workouts but I’ve basically been trucking along with the Insanity dvd’s and just caved and got a whole bunch more.

 Honestly, for traveling purposes, the dvd’s are just so easy. I pull it up on my laptop and I’m good to go in the comfort of my own room. No complaints here.


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! I’m going to see the Phantom of the Opera tonight for the little bro’s 21st 🙂 Check in tomorrow!


Do you ever frequent McDonalds, Burger King?? What’s your feeling on fast food joints?

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  1. We generally end up going to fast food every months. We LIKE to go, but that’s just not part of our lifestyle these days. It’s really more me, but I’m the one who cooks in the house! 🙂 That said, I’m thrilled to have french fries when I do!

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