Maybe it should have been a New Years Resolution of mine to blog on the weekends.

I honestly don’t know where the time goes..

but maybe these pictures will put my weekend into perspective a little more so you all don’t think I sat around staring at my computer thinking about how I should write something down but instead filling my head with visions of football and wings. At least not the whole time..

Friday night I went to see the Phantom of the Opera with my family for my younger brothers 21st!! Happy [early] bday Matt!

 I thought it was so good – the music, the singing, the plot. The brother on the other hand may have underestimated it’s fear factor. I think he thought it was going to be some sort of thriller, murder mystery. Not exactly..

Saturday, I met up with a good friend from college and hit up this pop-up store around the corner from my apartment called Coffee Common

 We tried tons of different coffees, brew types, with milk & sugar vs. without, we even got to brew out own!


Different temps for different types of tea!

Needless to say I was pretty wired upon leaving the store and hit up the gym for a sweaty 30 minute HIIT run at the gym followed by Tone It Up! backless dress workout which you can find here! I did not have a buddy for this workout so I altered a few of the moves but I think they served the same purpose.

Later that night I went out with D and some of our friends to an Umphreys McGee show in Times Square. It was some “face melting” jams (as I was told) and a really good time! I normally don’t consider myself a concert person as I get kind of tired halfway through, but this one kept me jumping around [almost] the whole time. 🙂

I tried to upload a video to this site but with no luck. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?? Here is the link to Youtube from a video I took at the concert.


I swear I’ll be back on track with blogging starting tomorrow..night 🙂

Happy Monday folks


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  1. Definitely checking out the backless workout – thanks girl!!

    Ps. Phantom of the Opera is awesome! Doesn’t quite have a fear factor element 🙂 But great nonetheless!

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