Healthy Travel Tip #4

Today’s Healthy Travel Tip is not really just for traveling, but really a tip for every day life.


Simple, right?

But are you getting enough of it? When you’re traveling, especially in regards to flying, hydration is KEY. Traveling is taxing on your body, whether its due to temperature changes, altitude changes, recycled air, jetlag…the list goes on. Whatever it may be, your body is likely suffering in comparison to the way it functions during your daily routine. While I’m not flying every week, I definitely put additional strain on my body when grabbing that extra grande coffee, or sipping wine with colleagues at night. I could feel my skin being tighter and drier, and I was just sluggish.  I would try to drink more water during the day, but around 2 pm I’d be sick of heading to the ladies room every 30 minutes and just give up/forget/pretend like I had already hit my goal for the day :-/

Enter – technology.

An app for the iPhone called “Water Your Body” helps you to account for how much water you need to drink during the day, and how much you have accomplished. In order to determine the amount of ounces to drink in one day, they ask for your weight, exercise, caffeine habits, climate, health, etc.

 It will even send you reminders during the day if you need an extra boost.

As you can see – my intake has been really all over the place.

 Yikeees. That’s pretty pathetic looking. I could be a better student than that..tomorrow is a new day.

Definitely remember to stay hydrated especially if you are doing some intense exercise or having caffeine throughout the day (and yes that includes caffeinated tea – sorry!)

Does anyone have any tips for drinking enough water during the day?



day 2 of Insanity – Insanity Plyometric DVD. Sweaty. sweaty. sweaty.


Today’s meals were really off as I was traveling to Stamford, CT in the am and then Philadelphia around 1. Bfast consisted of a Larabar and banana. I hopped on the train at 1 and grabbed a coffee and a granola bar to tide me over until I got to 30th street. In Philly, I bought a Hummus Cosi sandwich but then ended up only eating 1/4 -1/2? and some of the veggies while I was driving. Not safe, I know.

Dinner consisted of team bonding over some mediocre food but delicious wine (which I only had a sip of) at The SilverSpoon in Wayne, PA.

I started with an Arugula salad, honey poached pears and goat cheese.

And some homemade sweet potato chips.

For my entree – I got the sea scallops but they were just so-so.

Pretty plates though 🙂

Desserts were undocumented as they were seriously inhaled. Deliciousness.

Hope you all had a good night as well – I’m hitting the hay after an extremely long, incredibly exhausting day. Ciao!


4 thoughts on “Healthy Travel Tip #4

  1. When I have time to cut em up I carry around lime slices in my purse to add to my water bottle so it’s not so boring! I hate drinking water sometimes it can be such a chore! But you are totally right, definitely important.

    • Sue sch an awesome idea!! I’ve honestly started going to restaurants and asking for water, no ice, with lime. It sounds so bratty but whatever helps you get that extra h2o!!

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