Slim Pickins’ Bfast

Good day all!


This morning kicked off with a sweaty sweaty Insanity session of Pure Cardio. This is by far the hardest DVD as there is 15 minutes of non-stop butt kicking cardio moves, whereas the other videos seem to do 3 minutes of intensity, followed by 30 seconds of rest. Not today folks.

Since I got back from Philly yesterday and didn’t go to the grocery store, it was pretty slim pickings this morning for breakfast. Luckily, my heath coach Marissa had sent me a box of these guys a few weeks ago and I hadn’t used them yet:

Perfect solution since I was completely out of anything green in the apartment. Have you ever tried these? Honestly at first I was kind of grossed out, it tastes very artificial. But once it was all mixed in I kind of forgot about it. However, the directions say to mix this powder with a glass of water. Excuse me? That is equivalent to inhaling lawn.

I mixed this with 1 cup almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 1/2 t chia seeds and 3/4 t almond butter and mixed it all up!

Didn’t look pretty, but it sure tasted glorious to me 🙂

I’m off to a chili cookoff tonight for my roommates old company so definitely counting down the hours at work right now. Hope you all have a great friday!

Any big plans for the weekend?? Have you ever tried the Amazing Green powders? What did you think?