Mediterranean Burritos

I’m not entirely sure what I had for dinner tonight, but I know that it was delicious.

 I went to Whole Foods (again) and instead of going straight for the salad bar, I opted for the pre-made food selection area. I know. Big moves. Hey, I gotta find some variety out here!!!

I picked up a Mediterranean wrap in a tortilla with hummus, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers and whole wheat tabouli. It was really good, but reminded me of a burrito, sans guac and beans. I loved it.

Completed with a side of vegan brussel sprouts with balsamic onions, and I had a complete and delicious dinner.

I apologize for the blurry and completely lackluster photos. I was hungry and needed food asap. A busy day today meant no lunch for this lady. Sound the alarm.


PS – what are heck are vegan brussel sprouts?? Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron?

Another really busy day at work tomorrow but I should be back on track in the afternoon. Major goal for the day is to book my flight to St. Johns!!! Somebody please remind me / force me to spend the money for this much needed vacation..pleeease 🙂

Do you have any vacations planned soon?? Make me jealous!


7 thoughts on “Mediterranean Burritos

  1. Oh man. I wish I had a vacation planned. I think we’re going on a mini getaway in the middle of February, but I’m sure we won’t make it out of Colorado. I ❤ pre-made Whole Foods food!!!!

  2. speaking of brussel sprouts…for the non-vegan route try sautéing them with some prosciutto pieces and mix into some farfalle with EVOO and roasted garlic…amazing! It also makes a great cold pasta for easy leftovers.

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