Posted in February 2012

I can see the finish line

I just realized today, while scrambling around like a dufus and trying to figure out how to work, and how to pack, and how to blog before leaving, that I haven’t told you all where I’m going! Or that I’m going for that matter. In exactly, 33 hours, I will be jetsetting to sunny St. … Continue reading

Sunday Editions

In case you were curious what the past few days have been like:   Monday, since everyone had the day off, I met D for lunch at Grey Dog. This restaurant is based off of Zingerman’s, which is in Ann Arbor and is the equivalent of the greatest sandwich place On Friday, I went … Continue reading


I saw the Vow last night. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the character Channing Tatum plays in the beginning focuses on moments and how particular moments can impact your life so insignificantly or so dramatically – and it all happens so fast. This morning I had thought about what I was going to … Continue reading

Day of Love – part dos

As many of you know I travel for work so technically, my┬áreal┬áValentines day night was spend with 2 other lovely ladies that I have the pleasure of working with. Seeing as how we were all alone, on this grand holiday, we had to make the most of it…enter Chifa. If you watch Top Chef, or … Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day, Mates

Happy valentines!! While this holiday can be despised by some and embraced by others, I find myself feeling really inspired by this holiday today. For those of you who know me, while I may cry at sappy ro-cos and dream of surprise flash mob’s in my honor, I am actually incredibly un-romantic and run away … Continue reading