60 Degrees

Did ya see the title of this blog entry??? Hmmmm?

That’s no dream of what’s to come in the future. No ladies and gents, that is the actual temperature that was outside today in sunny Philadelphia. Holy bananas! I could have sunbathed! Forget paying $$ for vacation đŸ˜‰

But seriously, I had plans to go skiing this weekend. Might have to rethink those.

With this summer-esque weather I’ve been seeing so many more people out and about and it got me thinking…

How could I try to get out and about and potentially meet people in Philly??

In case you are unaware, I travel for work every week and am currently staffed in Philadelphia, Mon-Thurs or Tues-Thurs (depending). That’s a good chunk of time! I used to use my NYSC membership at the PSC, so at least I saw other human beings, but of course never talked to anyone. And now that I’m doing Insanity dvd’s in the comfort of my hotel room, I’ve really shut myself off. Seeing people running down the Schuykill river today had me hankering for a great group run. Aww shucks..

Does anyone have any suggestions for this? Do you know Philly or have ideas for meeting new people when you move? I’d love to hear them!

I can’t complain though…look at my view.


City Hall



Still staying strong with Insanity Week 2. Honestly, it doesn’t get much easier ha. Planning on switching around a day or two so that I can try out this yoga class on friday – stay tuned!


Not sure if it was because I switched up my schedule and worked out after work instead of the in AM this morning, but I was hungry and munching all day. I feel like sometimes when I have a really big lunch and am full, that I tend to munch more later on. I’m pretty sure this is me not listening to my body and just feeling tired and stressed and bored potentially so I’m trying to focus on this. Does this happen to any of you ever?

Luckily I had some fun snacks in tow, such as Kale Chips from Whole Foods and some fudge đŸ™‚

Noshing on a piece and then hitting the hay folks. Hope you had a great day!


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  1. You know what? My family had to go down to California for my Granddaddy’s funeral, and it was 80 degrees!!!! BIG change from this crummy Washington weather… but it’s kind of unusual.

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