Last night I went to a two hour, sweaty flow session of Vinyasa-style yoga. With live music. 3 boys with instruments. For 2 hours.

I haven’t done yoga since Christmas break I dont think, so I was nervous (to say the least) to downward dog and warrior pose for 2 hours. But honestly, the music really did keep you going. If you are in New York, I definitely recommend trying the Kula Yoga class on Friday nights at least once šŸ™‚

There were even free samples of Tumeric drinks post class.Ā 

Not my favorite but you could definitely taste the “health” factor. These drinks are made up of Tumeric, Spearmint, Ginger, Sea Salt, and some other “good for you” ingredients.

On another note of good finds this weekend:

See that little chalk writing near the bottom? “ALmond”. Almond milk! The coffee shop that I’ve been frequenting for work on Fridays or reading over the weekends has officially become the first and only place that I have seen with Almond milk as an option in your coffee or smoothies. Hallelujah!

Posting from there as we speak and sipping on an Almond Milk Smoothie with peaches, blueberries, and strawberries. šŸ™‚

Good finds in NYC this weekend so far.

Hope you all are gearing up for the super bowl tomorrow!! What are you making? I think I’m going to try and do some chocolate covered strawberries decorated like footballs. Hope I’m creative enough for this…





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