Happy Valentines Day, Mates

Happy valentines!! While this holiday can be despised by some and embraced by others, I find myself feeling really inspired by this holiday today.

For those of you who know me, while I may cry at sappy ro-cos and dream of surprise flash mob’s in my honor, I am actually incredibly un-romantic and run away with blushed cheeks when given a compliment. That being said, going out to dinner on valentines is typically the last thing I’d want to be a part of, considering every other poor soul in that restaurant is on a bad date, or secretly wishing the magazine subscription her boyfriend just got her was actually a card and perfume…

Anyways, I digress..

This holiday is actually about just honoring and showing respect towards any relationship that you may have. Whether its with your friends, your mom, your dog, your co-workers, your boyfriend, or yourself; today is the day that you should make that person feel special! So go and get them a card, or some chocolates, or take them to a movie 🙂 you’ll feel good about it.

On that note, D and I decided to celebrate Valentines last night since a) I’ll be in Philly for the actual holiday and b) we’re sticking to our guns and the fact that restaurants tonight are surprisingly awkward and uncharacteristically sappy.

D did a great  job in picking out this place in Nolita called The Monday Room. The Monday Room is essentially the Wine Bar addition to the Restaurant Public, in case you have ever been there. While their specialty is over 60 glasses of wine available, they also have a food menu from the Public kitchen. We both started with a nice glass of wine while we perused the menu

[I’m pre-apologizing for the photos below – I can’t bring myself to use the flash in a restaurant]

The Monday Room was created after the story of a gentleman from New Zealand who had a “Monday Room” in his office – a place where he would go on Mondays, drink a glass of wine, and contemplate the week to come. A sanctuary of sorts.

Being a wine fan myself, I think I could get used to the idea of sipping on a glass of 3 buck chuck monday eves and sorting out my week – might actually make me more sane..?

On to the food itself!

We opted for small plates to share since there were so many good things on the menu we couldn’t decide! Not to mention unique, since the cuisine was inspired by Australia / New Zealand traditions (if that’s the right terminology)

They brought out some popcorn which was seasoned with lemongrass and garam masala

The first option was a Dashi custard with lobster, lime and caviar (D gobbled this glass up so no photo)

Grilled Kangaroo, coriander falafel, lemon tahini, and green pepper relish

The picture really doesn’t do this justice – it was unreal.

Sweet potato miso mash (heaven) and some [again unpictured] venison mini-burgers.

I tried two things I’d never had before – kangaroo and venison. Both equally delicious 🙂

Topped off with a traditional visit to Billy’s on the way home!

And I’m happy 🙂


Enjoy valentines day mates ❤ Tell me what you have planned!


6 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day, Mates

  1. I had to scroll back up twice to make sure that it did say kangaroo. I didn’t even know people eat kangaroo, but I guess it makes sense. How did it taste? I am so intrigued!

    My boyfriend is making me a special dinner and dessert tonight after I get out of class. He’s keeping everything secret so I can’t wait to see what he made! Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

    • It was delicious! Not too gamey at all – but it definitely could have been masked but the falafel and sauce, which were extraordinary as well 🙂 Enjoy your dinner tonight!! Sounds like he’s putting some good effort in haha

  2. Kangaroo?!! I got after my husband for eating that. Way to go. I’m just not a brave eater. I would probably die if I accidentally ate kangaroo. Kevin will eat almost anything and loves Australia so I guess it’s only natural.

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