Day of Love – part dos

As many of you know I travel for work so technically, my real Valentines day night was spend with 2 other lovely ladies that I have the pleasure of working with.

Seeing as how we were all alone, on this grand holiday, we had to make the most of it…enter Chifa. If you watch Top Chef, or Iron Chef, you’ve probably seen this adorable face around

I’ve had the pleasure of dining at a few of his restaurants in my day, including Tinto, Village Whiskey, Amada, and Mercat a la planxa. They never disappoint.

And it didn’t last night either.

What we thought was going to be a four course meal, turned into a 9 course tasting menu….

We started with the thai chili margaritas

I maaay have had two. But who’s counting. It’s valentines day! Cupid would have wanted me to 🙂

Starters included two types of ceviche and a mizuna salad

Hiramasa Peruvian Ceviche

The second course included mussels in a coconut broth with lemongrass and thai basil

BBQ ribs in a char sui glaze (AWESOME)

and pork belly bao buns

the third course went unphotographed but probably because we all just devoured the waygu skirt steak and stir fried rice with scallops.

And last, but not least, A coconut panna cotta to cleanse the palette and send us off with one button loosened and smiles on our faces

I dont think I would have recommended this as a date option for valentines day because following this glorious act of gluttony, I got in my stretchy pants and rubbed my belly until I fell asleep. Not sure the boyfriend would have enjoyed that job on V day 😉

Hope everyone had a great night and is off to a great start this morning!



Insanity week 4 has begun!! Conducted Cardio power and resistance at the gym and feeling good 🙂

Off to whole foods to sneak in a little bfast and get my appetite back to normal – isn’t it wierd how I ate so much last night and woke up with a growling stomach?? Funny how our bodies work..


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  1. I’ve never had a “tasting” menu before. I am so picky so I always worry about what is going to appear on my plate next. Though everything you had looks pretty amazing! Happy Valentine’s Day girl!!

    • Totally get what you mean except one of the things that I find at restaurants like this is they will ask you if you have any dietary restrictions before the meal starts and will tailor it precisely. I.e. you keep kosher, no dairy, etc. it might inhibit the chef’s creativity but you’re paying for it!

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