Sunday Editions

In case you were curious what the past few days have been like:


Monday, since everyone had the day off, I met D for lunch at Grey Dog. This restaurant is based off of Zingerman’s, which is in Ann Arbor and is the equivalent of the greatest sandwich place

On Friday, I went to happy hour with some co-workers at a place called Cannibal. Really cool ambiance and huge beer selection.

On Saturday, D and I walked, and walked, and walked.


D and I rummaged around City Bakery yesterday to check out the Hot Chocolate Festival that goes all through February. I had the Traditional Dark Hot Chocolate and a pretzel croissant. And then proceeded to fall into a full fledged sugar coma.

And then I watched someone devour a banana nutella bread pudding, while slowly feeling the sugar pulse through my veins from earlier.

It looked good.

It smelled good.

I might have to go back to that restaurant and get a helping for myself now that I’ve recovered. I’ll keep you posted 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sunday Editions

  1. I wish I knew about the hot chocolate festival. That is something I would totally trek into the city on the weekend for. After commuting into the city all week, I never want to take the train on the weekends, but I’m missing out on a ton of good eats!

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