I can see the finish line

I just realized today, while scrambling around like a dufus and trying to figure out how to work, and how to pack, and how to blog before leaving, that I haven’t told you all where I’m going! Or that I’m going for that matter.

In exactly, 33 hours, I will be jetsetting to sunny St. John’s for a week long, relaxing, detoxing, sun-filled vacation 🙂

I’m so so excited, and honestly this couldn’t have come at a better time considering how anxious and stressed I have been recently. [Sidenote: I have been having a chronic, dull, headache on the top of my head for about a week now – any idea how to get rid of it?? I’ve been drinking lots of water and still not sure what’s up…]

Minor hitch in the plan however, was planning for this vacation. I’m out in Philly this week for work, as per usual, and not getting back until tomorrow. This called for an emergency trip to Target where I loaded up on flipflops, sundresses, a bathing suit bottom, and extra socks (random).

I think that should be all the necessities, and tomorrow I will just have to pick up my laundry and I’m good to go! / raid gf’s closets for cute summer dresses. Perfect!

Today also marks day 2 of training for the Broad Street run which I signed up for the other week. How I’m going to do Month 2 of Insanity and train, I have not yet gotten narrowed down yet…baby steps people.

Day 1 was a rest day 🙂

Day 2 –> 3 miles

I did 3 miles in 26.22 minutes at the hotel gym. Not too shabby! note to self: I need to get some good running music.

After hitting the gym, it was already 9:30 and I wasn’t that hungry but headed down to the Starbucks in the lobby for a tea and one of these:

A bento box from starbucks with hummus, veggies and pita. (There was chicken but I didn’t eat it). It was okay, but like I said, I wasn’t that hungry and just figured a little snack would tide me over before bed.

Going to try and get a good nights sleep in since tomorrow is probably going to be just as hectic…the finish line is near people. Weew weewwwww!

Any suggestions for a) how to get rid of a headache or b) good running tunes? What should I pack for vaca??!


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