Pink Slime

Sound gross?

Have any of you heard about this controversy about pink sludge in cafeterias in the news recently?!?

Pink slime is basically the leftovers of an animal when they are slaughtered and the rest of the meat is processed for consumption in hamburgers, etc. The leftovers (i.e. pink slime) are now found to be added to the rest of the meat and is in 70% of the red meat that you would buy in the grocery stores as well as, yes, in student cafeterias as part of the National School Lunch Program approved by the USDA.

Read the article for yourself – tell me what you think!





2 thoughts on “Pink Slime

  1. I first heard about pink slime a while ago from a documentary I watched, but only recently found out that it’s in the ground beef you buy at the supermarket. It absolutely gross and it makes me angry and sad at the same time that our government allows this kind of stuff to be put into the foods we eat, without having it listed in the ingredients. Gross!

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