Coffee Snob

I don’t really participate in lent – so please don’t think this is a last minute attempt to follow the “crowd”. I’ve been trying to get away from drinking coffee every day. I’m not sure that I need it to stay awake. I just really really like the taste! That being said, I started to think…do I really really like the taste? I mean…I think I do.

So I’ve started to try and become more particular about the type of coffee I drink. Instead of running into Dunkin’ or Starbucks every chance I get for another dose of drip coffee that has been sitting around for 30 minutes, I’ve started catering to a more refined palate. Enter – the coffee snob.

I’ve been roaming the city for great coffee joints that really put a lot of love and care into the coffee beans and the brewing process. Some places I have discovered include Joe’s, Gregory’s, Ninth Street Espresso, and the newly arrived Blue Bottle Coffee near Chelsea Market.

Their motto is to bring great coffee to people everywhere – and to not sell coffee that has been out of the roaster for over 48 hours. Perfect for a gal like me who is trying to get back to her coffee roots 😉

A little cup o’ this and some browsing around town on a Saturday – is all I need.

oh yeah…and happy st. patricks day!





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