Coolhaus Summa Treats

Hey folks!

Things are absolutely maniacal (sp?) right now, so I apologize for the schizophrenic writing (or lack thereof) recently. Maybe is the changing seasons…the weather has been spectacular in NYC recently. No complaining here. I put on a skirt, sans tights this morning. That’s saying something.

To celebrate the start of summer, some co-workers and I figured ice cream was no-brainer. If you haven’t been to New York, you’re probably unfamiliar with the incredibly vast amount of food trucks that line the streets, parks, sidewalks, roads. They own the place. and they have successfully given me what I deem to be the delicious smell of new york, roasted peanuts. Oh good lord.

Yesterday, we decided to try out CoolHaus. A gourmet ice cream truck that makes their own creative and unique flavors of ice cream and cookies, and serves them up in a [pricey] yet delicious ice cream sandwich.

Some of the flavors you could expect are: s’mores cookie, hot cake cookie, red velvet cookie, double chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter cookie…sweet potato and marshmallow ice cream, beer and pretzels ice cream, olive oil gelato (with a hint of rosemary). Unique huh!

Yesterday, I opted for the blackberry sorbet, with the coconut almond gluten free cookie of the day.

Yes. I ate that.

And then licked my fingers clean.

Are you a sorbet or an ice cream fan? Would you try olive oil gelato?



4 thoughts on “Coolhaus Summa Treats

  1. Oh my gosh! I loveeee ice cream and whenever I’m in the city, I try to find ice cream from a new spot each time (a few months ago, I had a doughnut ice cream sandwich….AMAZING!). Definitely need to have one of these ice cream sandwiches next time.

  2. This truck needs to come to Brooklyn ASAP! I usually like my ice cream sweet so I don’t know about the olive oil flavor, but the s’mores sounds just my stle. The best fro yo I’ve ever had was from a food truck that is regularly parked on Bedford Ave. Food trucks have really come a long way!
    I hope spring comes back to NYC and quick. I was loving the no jacket weather, but it looks like it’s gone for now. 😦

  3. I am a fan of both! I tend to go for fruity flavors when it comes to sorbet and plain vanilla when it comes to ice cream. I hardly ever keep the stuff in the house as I could eat the entire container in one sitting!

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