Not Quite Vacation

While I wish I had the time to take a few days and go somewhere warm, the amount of things I’ve found I have to take care of before moving has been overwhelming and I think it’s best I’d stay put.

So here I am in the busiest city in the world, trying to relax. Humph..Some things I’ve tried to do:

Laying out by the west side highway in the sun = relaxing

Reading Fifty Shades of Gray

Definitely.not.relaxing (lets hit on that saga later..)

Meeting old co-workers for lunch and sipping on fresh squeezed watermelon juice = relaxing

Having a drink in the afternoon and making it a “good” one 😉

A coconut!! Note for visitors to NYC – Fatty ‘Cue has a rum and coconut drink where they crack the virgin coconut in front of you and give you a spoon for the insides. AMAZZING.

Now I feel like I’m on vacation 🙂


One thought on “Not Quite Vacation

  1. That last drink looks amazing. I love all things coconut and am very partial to rum, so that sound like it would make me a happy girl!
    I hear you on the vacation thing. There’s nothing quite like laying out on a beach without a care in the world.

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