Cuban Hits the Spot Yet Again

Last night D and I had tickets to a show put on by Questlove at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Heading to Brooklyn is not a normal occurence, so we tried to make the most of it and headed over early to have dinner and a drink. What is in Brooklyn you ask?


If you couldn’t tell from my post earlier this week, we loooove Cuban. So, Habana Outpost it was 🙂

Habana Outpost is the sister restaurant to one of my favorites in new york, Cafe Habana. It’s just as delicious but the setup is pretty different. For one, it’s closed all winter, and is made up of mainly outdoor seating. You wait in line to order your food and then wait to pick it up.

Lots of delicious food.

Oh, and it’s a completely green restaurant.

I snapped this photo in the bathroom stall – it told me where the water came from each time I flushed . hehe

But it still has the same great food. Enter – cuban corn on the cob. mm mm mm

I chose some chips and guacamole, and a chicken taco to tide me over for the night.

Oh. And a margarita of course.

I am clearly going to need to find somewhere to quench my cuban addiction in philadelphia. Anyone have recommendations?!!