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An apple a day

I’m pretty sure that this apple crumble pie doesn’t fully support the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Instead, it may roll-call the dentists in your area to come a-running. I hate the dentist. But I would risk it for this pie 🙂 Apple Crumble Pie (adapted from this recipe) 1 pie crust … Continue reading

Cake Balls! The Birthday Kind

The past 24 hours I have felt like a woman with one of those wind up machines in her back. Some moments rushing around frantic and confused as to why and how I have managed to fit so many things into one day; Other times completely relaxing with my feet up on the coach trying … Continue reading


If you live in NY or if you ever plan on visiting, one recommendation that I have for you (among many others that I have mentioned on this blog) is to visit my favorite bakery, Babycakes. Babycakes is the friggin cutest little vegan bakery in the Lower East Side. They make vegan or gluten-free muffins, … Continue reading

Cheer up Sunshine

Here is a below the waist shot of me walking into my building this morning: And no, those were not originally two-toned pants. Monday mornings, coming into work, in the pouring rain, and then sitting with a heater between your feet for the next 2 hours to dry off the rain-soaked fabric from your legs … Continue reading