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>Things I know….

>I will have pies at my wedding. Glazing makes anything prettier. I love marshmellows. Especially authentically roasted in your house fireplace. I’m terrible at chopping/cutting/peeling, anything involving knives. I prefer cookie cutters. Or in fact, you don’t need one to make lattice pies – just a square shape in your dad’s desk will do just … Continue reading

>Vegetarians Beware

>I have never claimed to be a vegetarian, however sometimes I realize that I haven’t eaten meat, chicken, or even fish, for a few days or a week at a time. Which then makes me question my overall protein intake and I end up dining on said meat, chicken, or even fish for the next … Continue reading

>Stuffed [my face off] French Toast

>Hoboken is continuously climbing the list of the top cities to find good eats! I know I know, I live in New York, the city of a million cultures and cuisines and good good food! But, alas, sometimes too many options are not a good thing… A few weeks ago I was home in CT … Continue reading

>San Francisco loving

>I feel like my posts are getting few and far between but between work, friends, summer and sunshine I’m finding less and less time to sit in front of my computer! So I could feel guilty but really I’m still having a fabulous time and while my eating and workouts have potentially slacked from the … Continue reading

>Time Flies when you’re having fun!

>And its the end of another fabulous yet very tiring weekend….This weekend started off with a little get together at one of my co-workers apartments in the West Village. He has the cutest little set-up in the back with a patio and little antiques hanging up on the fence, lots of foliage, and christmas tree … Continue reading