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Secrets Out (2)

In the past year I’ve been in the midst of a lot of internal angst – wondering where my career is going and whether New York is the right city for me – nothing to write home about or write on the blog about but clearly enough to get me thinking. And so, I have … Continue reading

Coolhaus Summa Treats

Hey folks! Things are absolutely maniacal (sp?) right now, so I apologize for the schizophrenic writing (or lack thereof) recently. Maybe is the changing seasons…the weather has been spectacular in NYC recently. No complaining here. I put on a skirt, sans tights this morning. That’s saying something. To celebrate the start of summer, some co-workers … Continue reading


Maybe it should have been a New Years Resolution of mine to blog on the weekends. I honestly don’t know where the time goes.. but maybe these pictures will put my weekend into perspective a little more so you all don’t think I sat around staring at my computer thinking about how I should write … Continue reading

Why? How? Does it feel like spring time

It’s January 8th right? It doesn’t feel that way. Yesterday I went to a rooftop bar for an afternoon glass of wine. We went to Birreria which is on top of Eataly, Mario Batali’s newest addition to the flatiron district. It was packed! They still had the heat lamps on but it really wasn’t necessary. … Continue reading

Holiday Dinner v2

4 days and counting. No, my math is not off. This countdown is just until I get to go home and play with my dogs, and bake with my mom, and be on vacation! 4 days… Alas, today is only Tuesday and I am currently on my way to philly, as per usual. But not … Continue reading