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Super Bowl Dessert..for the Win

I hope you all are gearing up for the Super Bowl tonight and not reading this blog post 😉 However, if I happened to catch your attention and you’re currently in the fast hunt for a super quick and easy football dessert recipe – see below! Chocolate Covered Football Strawberries Dark Chocolate discs White Chocolate … Continue reading


Sunday was a Football Sunday. I [unfortunately/unbelieveably/sadly] had to work on Monday, so I wasn’t as carefree as the rest of the crowd, but I still let myself indulge in a delicious gametime brew, tostitos with salsa, and mmmmmeatballs! I think I’ve mentioned before how much D and I ❤ going to The Meatball Shop … Continue reading

Why? How? Does it feel like spring time

It’s January 8th right? It doesn’t feel that way. Yesterday I went to a rooftop bar for an afternoon glass of wine. We went to Birreria which is on top of Eataly, Mario Batali’s newest addition to the flatiron district. It was packed! They still had the heat lamps on but it really wasn’t necessary. … Continue reading

Big Moments

Yesterday was full of a little of this  (walking around) Alot of this, ten minutes of this and a night of this  (I’ll explain later – more holiday party photos to come ) But this isn’t yesterday, it’s today. Saturday. And Saturday, has been pretty relaxing so far. I hit up a Yoga to the … Continue reading