Secrets Out (2)

In the past year I’ve been in the midst of a lot of internal angst – wondering where my career is going and whether New York is the right city for me – nothing to write home about or write on the blog about but clearly enough to get me thinking. And so, I have … Continue reading

Coolhaus Summa Treats

Hey folks! Things are absolutely maniacal (sp?) right now, so I apologize for the schizophrenic writing (or lack thereof) recently. Maybe is the changing seasons…the weather has been spectacular in NYC recently. No complaining here. I put on a skirt, sans tights this morning. That’s saying something. To celebrate the start of summer, some co-workers … Continue reading

Coffee Snob

I don’t really participate in lent – so please don’t think this is a last minute attempt to follow the “crowd”. I’ve been trying to get away from drinking coffee every day. I’m not sure that I need it to stay awake. I just really really like the taste! That being said, I started to … Continue reading

Pink Slime

Sound gross? Have any of you heard about this controversy about pink sludge in cafeterias in the news recently?!? Pink slime is basically the leftovers of an animal when they are slaughtered and the rest of the meat is processed for consumption in hamburgers, etc. The leftovers (i.e. pink slime) are now found to be … Continue reading