Run Jenny Run

While I played organized sports in high school including dance, cheerleading, field hockey, and lacrosse, I completely fell off the band wagon in college. I rarely went to the gym and definitely ate my fair share of cheesy bread, colliders, and Jimmy John’s subs throughout those four years.

I was well aware of my weight and physical stamina when I started my career, especially because while people joke about the Freshman 15, apparently the Consulting 20 is a pretty guaranteed event as well. With all of the travel and team meals that I saw in my future, I figured that I need to start taking an active part in my health and well-being.

I signed up for a few races back in early 2009 and started training for them. Since then, I have run 6 races (nothing higher than a 10k) and have somewhere found a true passion for nutrition and fitness in myself and other people. I typically go to the gym about 5 days a week and have really started to enjoy running and pilates (!!).

One thing that has really helped me is finding various interesting workouts from fellow bloggers online. I can sync up, log on, and send myself a great treadmill workout to keep me entertained and sweating the whole time. Therefore, I am going to document my workouts on this website and hopefully be able to help out any newbies or experts find a little skip in their [treadmill] step.

Enjoy! And please send me any great workouts that you might have  – always looking for new things!

5 mile easy run / 25 minute quick but sweaty treadmill / 50 minute high intensity interval workout / short run + superset / 1 hour interval training / 30 minute HIIT / santa workout

Week Beginning January  29

Sunday: rest

Monday – Thursday: Insanity DVD

Friday: Yoga SOundscapes

Saturday: Insanity Cardio and Abs

Week Beginning January 22

Sunday: rest

Monday: Insanity FIT test (getting ready for the challenge!)

Tuesday-Sunday: Insanity

Week Beginning January 15

Sunday: rest

Monday: HIIT Tone It Up Shredmill workout + arms

Tuesday: Insanity Cardio

Wednesday: Insanity Resistance

Thursday: Insantity Recovery

Friday: rest

Saturday: HIIT and backless dress workout

Week Beginning January 8

Sunday: 30 minute run + pilates

Monday: Insanity Cardio + Resistance DVD

Tuesday: Insanity Cardio Recovery

Wednesday: Insanity Cardio plyometrics

Thursday: rest

Friday: Insanity Pure Cardio

Saturday: Insanity Cardio Resistance

Week Beginning January 1

Sunday: Happy New Years! Recovering 🙂

Monday: rest

Tuesday: HIIT run

Wednesday: 1 hour elliptical

Thursday: 25 minute plyo workout

Friday: Insanity cardio dvd

Saturday: off

Week Beginning December 25

Sunday: Christmas!!! rest

Monday: power yoga

Tuesday: skiing

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: power yoga

Friday: 30 min run/walk

Saturday: rest

Week Beginning December 18

Sunday: rest

Monday: pilates

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: TIU santa workout

Thursday: 3 miles and 300 lunges

Friday: pilates

Saturday: yoga, run

Week Beginning December 11

Sunday: rest

Monday: 45 minute run + arms

Tuesday: yoga, 30 minute run + back

Wednesday: 30 minute cardio, lower body

Thursday: hatha yoga

Friday: 30 minute cardio, total body workout

Saturday: yoga

Week Beginning December 4

Sunday: 6 mile run

Monday: 45 treadmill incline walk, arms

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: yoga, 2 miles

Thursday: 30 minute cardio, lower body

Friday: rest

Saturday: yoga

Week Beginning November 29

Sunday: rest

Monday: 4 mile outdoor run

Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical (glutes) + leg workout

Wednesday: 3 mile run + arms and abs workout

Thursday: 20 min run, 20 min stairmaster, planks

Friday: rest

Saturday: 55 min treadmill incline walk + 15 min elliptical, planks


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