Travel Bug

Traveling can be a two-fold adventure. You have travel for pleasure. And you have travel for work. While alot of my daily musings will involve traveling for work, since I am on the road 3-4 days a week, every week, I still love to get out of the city and explore areas in New York, or every once in a while hop on an impromptu flight to Europe (sigh – that last part is a dream but ya gotta have those right?). Every week I’ll try to post one Healthy Travel Trip for being on the road and put them on this page; otherwise, I’m excited to share photos and restaurant recommendations for any of the amazing places that I’ve been!

Healthy Traveling Tips

Healthy Travel Tip 1 : using the mini-fridge for something other than emptying your wallet

Healthy Travel Tip 2: breaking free of the hotel gym fist fight

Healthy Travel Tip 3: germs no more

Healthy Travel Tip 4: Drink Up!


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